Translators and Volunteering

I have registered as a translator for Kidlink. I strongly recommend aspiring translators volunteer their services to charitable organizations. Not only do you get experience and samples for your translation portfolio, but you also get to make a contribution to the community.

A few guidelines for volunteering your services as a translator or interpreter:

  1. After you are done, submit an invoice for your services, along with a big note reading something like “SERVICES PROVIDED PRO BONO AS CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION. NO MONEY EXCHANGED FOR THIS SERVICE”. It sounds really cold and calculating, but come tax time, it comes in handy. And just because you are providing your services for free, it does not mean they do not have a value.
  2. As eager as you may be for the experience, choose the recipients of your services carefully. Make sure it is a cause you can feel good about supporting. For example, some time ago, I contemplated volunteering my services to an environmental organization. However, after visiting their website, it became clear that it had a political stand I did not feel comfortable supporting.

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