Converting units

The other day, I was translating some proposals with distances measured in feet. The intended audience was Latin American. In other words: convert those measures to the metric system.

In general, for unit conversion, I prefer using my old calculator from college (I am really dating myself, because I bought it new!). Back then, as an engineering major, its programming capabilities really came in handy. Nowadays, I just like keeping it nearby for its unit conversion feature.

However, I just happened to leave my calculator in the backpack I no longer carried. So I had no choice but to look for unit-converting tools. There are several sites dedicated to this. As far as the actual unit conversion function, they perform well. Choosing the one I liked to use was more subjective. Some pages were done in color combinations that hurt my eyes. Others were tricky to use. I found the MegaConverter2 to be my favorite one.

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