Translation Notes (another blog)

Are you bilingual? Legal translator (EN-SP-FR-PORT) Julio Angel Juncal has twin blogs in English and Spanish.

I must specify how I found it. I was searching for other translators’ blogs, and I came across his. I looked at it, said to myself, “cool”, posted a comment about a reference book, and moved on.

Flash-forward. Just to amuse myself, I did another search on “jo-hanna” to see what I would find. Lo and behold, I found that not only did he reply to my comment, he wrote a post (in Spanish) about it.

I am famous! OK, I need perspective. Just a little (very little) famous.


One Response to “Translation Notes (another blog)”

  1. Julio A. Juncal Says:

    Thank you, Jo-Hanna, for the plug. I was glad you asked the question on the Diccionario Panhispánico de Dudas, because it gave me a chance to complete the information on the earlier post. Today, I have added a short post linking to comments by readers of the Diccionario on the Casa del Libro site. See here:

    (To shorten the link, I used TinyUrl at

    I post both in English and Spanish to my two blogs, depending on the subject matter. The Notas terminológicas blog ( is a vehicle for publishing the Notas Terminológicas of the Spanish Translation Service of the United Nations (NY). The other blog, Translation Notes (, is used for items of potential interest to translators.

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