The headshot challenge and an open letter

I submitted both my contact information and a link to this blog to the Translation Directory. Hopefully, that will put my name out there to people who need translators.

I have also been doing some research on things I can do to improve my blog. Among the easiest to do would be to add my picture, in order to increase my credibility. Now the challenge is to find an appropriate picture of myself.

I might be worrying over nothing. Nobody will (or should) give me an assignment based upon how beautiful I may or may not look in a picture. You want a perfect mannequin for your product, go to a modeling agency. You want quality translation work, contact me. However, a little voice inside my head insists that a prospective client will look at my picture and just say, “mmm… no.”

I should send a letter to that little voice:

Dear little voice:I have listened to your input on how ugly I look. I appreciate your feedback on every aspect of my life, from the professional to the personal.

However, it has come to my attention that frankly, you are not actually very helfpful. If you ever have any actually useful advice, I would be more than happy to listen. In the meantime, please abstain from issuing opinions.

Sincerely, Jo-Hanna C. Goettsche Translations

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