The Translation Maven

In my efforts to jazz up my blog, I did a search on other bloggers/translators. Allow me to present to you Translation Maven. Some of his posts include links to poor translations and what happens when greeting card companies get it right when it comes to creating Spanish-language cards… and when they get it wrong. Of course, I inmediately left a comment on his page, saying how much I liked it.

Not much translation happened today at the day job. I did work on an alignment file using my trusty
Déjà Vu X.

I just submitted my resume for consideration for a translation job that seemed up my alley. My fingers are crossed. If I get the assignment, I can expect it to consume every free minute I have. If I don’t get the assignment, I will continue doing my best to improve my skills as a translator.


One Response to “The Translation Maven”

  1. MAEllsworth Says:

    Thanks for the mention. This is Matt of the TranslationMaven blog. I see you suffer the same concerns as I do in my freelance work. Getting paid hasn’t been a problem recently, but just when it seems a job is done, something else comes up. Today I’m going to add an entry about communicating with the client, to forestall the sort of follow-up task I have to do for a client now.
    Thanks again for the mention, and happy translating!

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