Naked Translations (oh my!)

Earlier today, during one of my visits to the forums in, I stumbled across Naked Translations.

I have not had time to peruse this blog. But I can say that Céline Graciet, its creator, has set the bar high.

For starters, it has both English and French versions. You might be surprised at how few web pages exist in , so it does behoove a translator to make his or her presence in the WWW a bilingual experience.

Second, the name! Oui, the name! It’s a provocative name, to say the least. I had no trouble remembering it, so I did not have to resort to writing it on my hand. Not only that, but there is a logic to it

Stripping a text bare to reveal its mechanisms, its internal logic and its meaning to then transfer it into another language as faithfully as possible while using appropriate terminology and style

The comments in Céline’s page from her clients (glowing references!) make me wonder about the role my own website can play in my career. Is it sophisticated enough? I know a good website does not need bells and whistles to do its job, but does it look like I skimmed “How to Create a Website” in fifteen minutes? Does it represent my skills, experience, etc. adequately? And when will I get around to creating a version in Spanish?

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