Some of the perils of translation…

Work went OK today. I am expecting payment on a freelance assignment (proofreading of an operations manual) I did a few months ago. So I am constantly checking to see whether the check has arrived.

The day job’s tasks included the translation from Spanish into English of a document (most of the work I do is from English into Spanish, as Spanish is my native language). This is otherwise unremarkable, except for a few issues:
1) I am working off a PDF file that is pretty hard to read. Even my fabulous “convert PDF to RTF” software doesn’t work. And of course, this renders Déjá Vu X (my translation program) useless.
2) Run-on sentences and fragments do not make for fun reading, nor for fun translating. I say no more, as I know the person who wrote the report.

I am still somewhat paranoid as to what to include in a blog. I have come across some articles about other bloggers who lost their jobs for including too much information. I try to proceed with caution on my writing. But it is a slippery line. On one side, I am not stupid enough to release company secrets or proprietary information. On the other hand, as fun as it may seem to vent about some co-workers’ habit of drinking the last cup of coffee and leaving 2 ml left in the coffee pot, without bothering to brew a fresh batch… let’s not go there*

*That has never happened. My co-workers are responsible coffee drinkers!

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